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What is our Motivation? You!

Marshall Picture

Who could resist? Marshall is ready for his run!

My dog Marshall amazes me. At 12 years old, you’d think he would be slowing down, but every morning as soon as I’m up, he’s following me around the house until we go for our run. As soon as we hit the pavement, he’s on a mission. It doesn’t matter if we’ve run that same course three days in a row; he has the same enthusiasm as the day before. Maybe he’s waiting for that one squirrel that won’t be quick enough to run away, or he’ll finally be able to catch a glimpse of the dog that has a deep bark behind the stucco wall? Whatever it is, he’s always motivated and ready to go… each day.

As business owners, it’s important to stay just as motivated as Marshall does every day. At Exakt Marketing, our Customers drive our motivation! We ask ourselves:

What innovative ideas and concepts can we produce to take their business to the next level?
We strive to think of ways to separate our Clients from their competition. This process really gets the creative juices flowing and excites us!

What are they truly looking for in the products they request of us?

Reading between the lines isn’t always easy to do, and, while we can take our directions in a literal sense, we like to “interview” our clients to get a broader understanding of how our finished product will help them succeed. Often we’re able to come up with better and stronger ideas than what was originally asked of us. This leads to a polished product that exceeds our Client’s expectations.

What can we do to provide them better service?
In a digital era, we don’t lose focus of what separates us from our competition. While e-mail and text messages suit some clientele, we also understand, and appreciate, the face to face conversations and phone calls we have with our Clients. Again, it helps us understand their personalities and their goals, and thereby helps Exakt help them achieve them. You can get a good meal anywhere. Your favorite restaurants are typically those who provide you excellent service. Those are the places you tell your friends about. That’s not lost on us. We want to be your favorite as well, and we go the extra mile to win your trust. Our staff frequently interacts with our customers directly, allowing them to see, firsthand, what their impact has from the customer’s point of view. This also develops a deeper and more empathetic understanding of each Client’s needs and expectations.

As a Company, we work both collaboratively and individually to help service our clients. Weekly team meetings help us go over current and past projects so we’re all informed on customer expectations, tasks that are due each week, or the details of what was completed the week before. Frequent brainstorming sessions help us come together as a team to decide client strategies and possible creative direction. Even though we may have strengths in certain departments, looking at a project from different angles helps us find a unique approach to our Client’s needs.

So go ahead and “tug on the leash”, just as Marshall does when he knows I’m slowing down in the last mile. Let us know what goals Exakt can help your company accomplish today!