Website Redesign: When is the right time?

How do you know when it is time to redesign your website instead of just updating your content?

Exakt Marketing is here for all your web and WordPress needs. If it has been a few years since updating your website, you may want to consider a website redesign as well as updating your content.

Not sure if you need to redesign or update, ask yourself these important questions:
1. Is your website is accessible and/or optimized for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets? (Learn more about WordPress responsive website design)
2. Does your site use Flash? (Flash is not supported on most portable devices and can leave “holes” in the content of your site)
3. Is your content out of date? Are there new products/services you offer or products/services you no longer offer?
4. Is your contact information highly visible and on every page of your site?
5. Do you have an easy to use contact form?
6. Does your website provide a clear message about what your company does?
7. Is your website easy to navigate and read (without being boring)?
8. Do you integrate your social media platforms into your website?
9. Do you have any website security in place?

Exakt Marketing can give you a full evaluation of your site and recommend a course of action in the following fields: Website Design and Development, Copyrighting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), plugins (are you using the best plugins, is there a plugin you should be using, are there plugins that are not being used that can be removed to reduce vulnerabilities to your site and/or improve site performance?), comments (approve, spam or trash) and more.

Contact Exakt Marketing today to initiate a website evaluation or get your questions answered!