Evolve or Become Extinct

It’s no secret that the world around us is constantly changing. Some companies, like Apple and Google, are at the forefront, driving change and innovation, while others are happy to sit just behind the “bleeding edge” and jump on board once some of the early adopter risk has vanished. Still others, failing to change and to “keep up” become completely obsolete almost overnight (anyone remember Hollywood Video?).

Among many other factors we considered, the premise above is one of the main reasons that Visual Alliance Media, Moonstruck Marketing Group and Good Dog/Bad Dog Creative Design decided to ink the deal that would create Exakt Marketing. Speaking for Visual Alliance Media, which specialized in social media marketing, it became clear to us some years ago that we were riding a wave that would eventually dissipate somewhat as the idea of “social” became more and more integrated into marketing, PR, advertising and customer service as a whole. Often times, I’ve likened the development of “social media marketing” to the mad dash created by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prompted building owners to retrofit their facilities to meet the requirements of the new legislation. Architects that specialized in “ADA Compliance” popped up everywhere to meet the demand. Over time as the retrofitting was completed, the specialists went away and now, ADA Compliance is just the way buildings are designed in the normal course of business.

And so it was true with companies as they rushed to incorporate “social media” as part of their operations, retrofitting their strategy, if you will, over the last five years or so. Firms like Visual Alliance Media grew out of the requirement of companies large and small needing to incorporate some form of social media marketing into their platforms. But as time goes on, we’ll continue to see “social media marketing” as just another component of “marketing” … and firms like Visual Alliance will either diversify, go out of business, or scale back to become niche players. So for Derek and me, when the opportunity to diversify our services, broaden our market sectors, grow our client base and bolster our creative abilities by merging with two other reputable Tampa marketing agencies came along, we were there!

That’s not the only reason, however. As our new partners from Moonstruck Marketing Group, a brand communications consulting and visual design firm, and Good Dog/Bad Dog Creative Designs, a firm specializing in website design and website development, will attest, all three legacy firms were very proud of our ability to foster and maintain longstanding relationships with our clients. And knowing that our clients benefit most when they have a cohesive marketing strategy as it relates to their brand, being able to offer a broad base of services with our in-house team made perfect sense.

As the press release and several articles that have been written about Exakt Marketing since have noted, our new company will continue to work with clients from many different market sectors, but we’ll put particular focus on restaurants and hospitality, health, wellness and fitness and meeting and conference planning. Exciting times are ahead as we move into 2013 … assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21st … fingers crossed!