Update WordPress for Website Security

What’s the best thing you can do for your WordPress site?

Update, update, update!

Why update WordPress?

Typically, a WordPress update will improve the features and functionality of your site, or may even introduce new ones. More importantly, updates reduce the vulnerability of your site. (Why? Because authors post the changes they have made for the update, hackers can target these vulnerabilities in old versions of WordPress or WordPress plugins)

How to update your WordPress site?

You can manually update your WordPress site yourself. All you need is your login information. Once you login to the backend of WordPress, you will see notifications that there are updates available. Click on one of these notifications or go to Dashboard > Updates. However, before you update, it is strongly recommended you make a full backup of your site. In case any issues arise during the updates, your site can be fully restored to working condition (not sure how to make a full backup of your site? Keep reading, Exakt Marketing is here to do that for you!).

Don’t have the time to make the update yourself?

When you hire Exakt Marketing to update your WordPress site, you will receive a copy of a full backup of the most recent version of your site. Once your site has been completely backed up, one of our team members will make all the available updates to your site.