Twitter Celebrates 2012

As we drift into the end of the month, and the end of 2012, I introduce Google’s Zeitgeist 2012 video.

I was in a journalism course in 2010 when my professor showed me the Google Zeitgeist for the first time. I was absolutely amazed and almost cried in class. The video was put together so flawlessly and it’s something truly meaningful that they give back to us. I believe that was also the start of success for One Republic’s ‘Good Life.’

Regardless, upon finding the Google Zeitgeist video in the Tech section on The Huffington Post, the article linked to “Golden Tweets of 2012: Twitter’s Most Popular Posts of The Year“.

Twitter made a similar move by creating a website dedicated to capturing “2012 Year on Twitter.” Yes, please!

Twitter executed this website beautifully and features “Golden Tweets”, “Pulse of the planet”, “Only on Twitter”, “Trends”, “New Voices”, and “Your Year on Twitter”.

Nice. When a powerful social media source incorporates what has happened on their website and in the world, it’s a beautiful thing.

In the “Golden Tweets” section, you see the tweets that boasted the most retweets of the year. At the top of the list, President Barack Obama’s “four more years” tweet with the photograph of him embracing Michelle Obama. President Obama earned more than 810,000 retweets along with his reelection. Mind you, this tweet was sent out before he even went on stage to affirm his reelection. Social media FTW. Twitter also provides you with the opportunity to reply, retweet, or favorite the tweet if you haven’t already.

Justin Bieber came in second place with his heartwarming tweet to fan, Avalanna who had passed away. TJ Lang of the Green Bay Packers, Team Great Britain, and anime voice actor Kouichi Yamadera were the other winners of Golden Tweets.

If you are an active member of the Twittersphere, you probably recognize some, if not all, of these hashtags or phrases:

  • #throwbackthursday
  • pretty little liars
  • iphone
  • #syria
  • Dark Knight Rises
  • coachella

Yep, I knew you would!

(And don’t worry– Starbucks, McDonalds, and Taco Bell were on the list in the Food category. Sounds like ‘Murrica to me.)

Twitter explains that rather than just choosing “what terms were consistently popular” they chose the hashtags or terms that caught our attention. The geniuses in Twitter headquarters have provided us with insight as to what we, social media participants have cared about in the past year. It’s a smart move and I love it.