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The New MySpace – Love Sex Magic or Dead and Gone?

the new myspace cover imageWith Justin Timberlake heavily influencing this iteration of the new MySpace, it’s certainly a valiant attempt to make a comeback (or bring “sexyback” if you will).  And rather than rip it to shreds as I’ve seen done on numerous occasions already, I’ll review without bias – just the facts.  Sorry, I made myself LOL on that one…there’s definitely some ripping.


  • The look of this website is a pretty big deal.  Aesthetically they nailed it.  The cover images for your own page are full screen.  And when media is shared between users, the image in the stream is just good looking – no questions asked.

the new myspace music playerSex(y)

  • The entire site is based around music.  If you’re a music junkie like me…yeah, comparable to sex.  The relationships with the music labels must still be in tact because the music library is pretty extensive.  There is a decent music player that goes with you no matter what part of the new MySpace you’re in.  You can make your own  “mixes” (playlists), launch a radio station based on an artist or song and listen to other mixes made by people that you’re connected with.

the new myspace streamMagic

  • Calling this next feature magic might really be pushing the envelope, but unlike typical websites, your stream, music queue, and other content scrolls from left to right.  It’s an interesting twist on the “below the fold” concept because nothing is ever below the fold.  And that makes it almost seem magical.
  • The search function is a visual show and well, just fun.


  • The whole MySpace concept is dead (or probably should be).  It doesn’t take very long to go through the new MySpace to realize that you just don’t know what the hell it is or what it’s for.  It just feels like they’re grasping at straws to be something…but what that something is…???…
  • From a music perspective (both player and music library selection), Spotify and Pandora give the user pretty much the same abilities as the new MySpace.
  • From a sharing perspective, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all provide the same or better functionality.  In fact, with the exception of Twitter, you can do a bit more with both Facebook and Google+ in terms of possibilities.
  • Now, in all fairness, the new MySpace is still in Beta so my connections have been with a bunch of people that I don’t know again (like Google+ when it launched); would my perception be different if my friends were on?  Perhaps, but it’s hard to forget the negative connotation associated with MySpace from before and every unsuccessful attempt thereafter.  My honest opinion?  Scrap the MySpace name and start with this new infrastructure as a completely different brand.

the new myspace affinity scoreGone (or what should be)

  • Affinity.  It should just be gone.  I don’t know what it means, how it’s valuable or the point, but with every person or piece of media that you connect with on the new MySpace, you get this affinity score that really proves useless in terms of overall experience.
  • Search.  As it currently stands, the search results are a jumbled mess of everything.  This needs to be cleaned up before it could ever be labeled as cutting edge.
  • Too many options with no clear purpose.  There will always be the die-hard “first responders” who will come to the rescue of any new platform release and defend its nuances.  In fact it could be argued that I’m one of those people.  But if I were a betting man, I would bet that the new MySpace is going to be a failure in terms of mass appeal – not a colossal failure, but a failure nonetheless.  There is no good reason that I could give anyone at this moment to use the new MySpace on the regular.  There are lots of pretty buttons on the road to nowhere.

P.S. – I’ve still got some invites, so if you are one of those “first responders” like me, you won’t be able to help yourself and will have to check it out.  Comment with your email and I’ll be happy to send you an invite.  Let’s compare notes.