The Benefits of Blogging for Graphic Designers

Now that it’s 2013 you’d think that almost everyone would know what a blog is. But did you know that businesses that blog 4-5 times a week generate 5 times more traffic than those that don’t. Now there’s a good reason to start blogging! Having a blog is essential and extremely beneficial to all businesses, regardless of your industry. So for all you graphic designers who aren’t blogging, you may be missing out on some of the greater values in blogging besides sharing your thoughts. There are a lot of reasons that designers should blog and here are some of the best perks and benefits of being part of the Blogosphere.

Blogging Can Boost Your SEO: By frequently blogging and putting out fresh content you can boost your SEO ranking and drive traffic directly to your site. Be sure to use keywords and links in your content to ensure that search engines will crawl your site more often. And always make sure you post your blogs to Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This way your blog will appear in more than one site and reach all your customers.

Blogging Expands your Knowledge Benefitting Yourself and Others: Blogging is a great way to engage readers in your products and services and what you do best. But it’s also a great tool to use to educate yourself as well as your customers. By researching the latest trends and topics of your industry and sharing them with the world you will see how valuable blogging can be to yourself and give you an edge over your competitors.

Opens Doors to Meet Future Partners and Customers: Blogging enables you to connect with others within your industry and develop relationships. If you’re having a tough time seeking new clientele or deciding on a new design try putting out a blog to help answer those difficult questions. You may also be lucky enough to find people to collaborate with on projects and find people who have skills in other areas you are not as strong in.

Opportunities and Exposure: Getting your name out on the web is vital to success and a blog allows you to reach clients and contacts on a global scale. By showcasing your skills and products you can receive feedback from each corner of the world. You’ll be surprised where the unexpected may lead and you never know where your next big opportunity may lead you.