Hillsborough Community College

Additional Markets

Engagement: Develop, optimize and manage HCC’s social presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)

Services: Social Media Strategy Development, Social Media Strategy Implementation, Custom Platform Development, Community Management, Check-in Special Program Design/Administration

Description: In 2009, HCC engaged Exakt Marketing (formerly Visual Alliance Media) to identify and evaluate its current social presence and guide them through the process of creating and enhancing that presence as well as integrating their social efforts into their overall marketing and customer service operations. After conducting an assessment, our team recommended a custom Facebook page, a Twitter profile and a YouTube channel to round out their social presence.

Students quickly took to the new channels, asking questions related to financial aid, academic calendars and sporting events, among other topics. With 15,000 monthly active users, discussion and engagement on the Timeline are consistent and plentiful. The Twitter profile and YouTube channel match the look, feel and tone of the Facebook page and also have a regular and active following.

HCC recently underwent a refresh of their social assets to update branding and enhance the user experience. For a time, the team added a Foursquare brand page and launched a check-in special program at the various bookstores and dining establishments on each campus. Additionally a new Instagram profile was included in the mix.

The Exakt Marketing team, continues to enjoy a close working relationship with HCC, managing all aspects of the social program (including the social assets of several HCC departments and student organizations), and ensuring their continued integration with HCC’s overall marketing and customer service activities.