• Samantha Rosenbaum, participant in Exakt Marketing's Tampa Marketing Internship Program

Tampa Marketing Internship Success Story: Sam Rosenbaum

We love our interns at Exakt Marketing! We are so passionate about our “why” … (we believe that every interaction is an opportunity to create a unique experience!) … that we love to share it with anyone who will listen. And our Tampa Marketing Internship program gives us the opportunity to inspire that same passion in others in the context of a learning environment.

Samantha Rosenbaum (“Sam”), recently completed an internship with Exakt Marketing during her final semester at the University of Tampa where she majored in Advertising and Public Relations. During her time with our team, Sam brought her fun-loving, can-do attitude with her to the office and was front and center with ideas on how to help our clients accomplish their goals. As a member of the project teams for two of our restaurant clients (among others), Sam got a firsthand look at our restaurant marketing services and how we partner with our clients to deliver maximum results.

Having graduated from the University of Tampa and completed our internship, Sam is now eyeing grad school in the fall where she’ll be attending the University of Florida in their Master of Entrepreneurship program. (Way to go, Sam!). It’s worth nothing that she was also accepted at USF, Purdue and Hult (and received scholarships at both Purdue and Hult!), but she felt that the UF program most closely matched her long term goals. In the meantime, she is working as the VP of Advertising at a startup, Ambrosia International, where I’m sure she is bringing the same passion, dedication and commitment that she brought to Exakt during her internship. As a side note, as I write this post, Sam is in Hong Kong competing in the Global Student Challenge at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. At the international business pitch competition she is representing Mil (pronounced “Meal”). Mil provides a comprehensive malnourishment intervention model that combines business practices with public health theory to improve the nutritional profile of children between the age of 6 months and 5 years in Western Hemisphere countries within which at least 25% of the population is currently malnourished. In simple terms, Mil empowers female microentrepreneurs to establish a network marketing business to sell high-nutrient foods to the mothers of malnourished children.

Good luck, Sam! We’re so proud of you!

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