Health + Fitness Marketing

When we’re working with our clients in the health and fitness industry, we focus on the things that ultimately grow their business.  From attracting new fitness club members leveraging our Kinesis Intensive Lead Generation Program, increasing new member sales conversion rates, retaining current ones and increasing revenue, to growing the number of participants for a sporting event, our main objective is to create environments that facilitate sales. Knowing that we’re able to achieve those objectives while also working to create amazing experiences for our clients’ customers makes for a really cool reason to come to work every day.

So why do we choose to work with the Health + Fitness industry? Mostly because we have some true “health nuts” on the team.  Healthy living?  Definitely.  Physical fitness?  Absolutely. From fitness centers and health clubs to sporting events to spas and salons, our team is passionate about health and fitness in all forms and that passion shines through in our work!

A Sampling of Our Health + Fitness Clients

AussieFIT ClubsShula's Athletic ClubCHC Weight LossCRAVE SpaDay Dreams Day SpaFocusEd Logogasparilla Distance ClassicHospitalist Information Partners LogoInnovative Healing SystemsPlymouth Yoga Room28in28Bayview Radiology