Promoting MediFuture 2023: Leading the Healthcare Revolution

The team at this Tampa Marketing Company is so excited about what the future holds for healthcare innovation and Tampa Bay, there is just no way we wouldn’t be involved in MediFuture 2023 in some way.

The goal of MediFuture 2023 is to position Tampa Bay as the epicenter of a worldwide healthcare revolution thatMediFuture 2023 Mobile App will ultimately deliver a proactive, patient-centered system known for higher quality care and access at a lower cost. Recognizing the unique assets present here in the Tampa Bay Region (USF, its medical school, its Center for Advanced Learning and Simulation, Moffitt, Johns Hopkins-affiliated All Children’s Hospital, M2Gen, Draper Lab, SRI, hospital chains, medical device makers, entrepreneurs and health record specialists), the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation seized the opportunity to create this forum that is poised to explode into a national and international movement.

The Exakt Marketing team, known for its passion for Tampa Bay and its strong connection with the entrepreneurial base here in the region, is honored to be involved in promoting the event and movement and sponsoring the MediFuture 2023 mobile app, available for download from MediFuture-Logothe App Store and Google Play.  Our involvement in this one goes beyond our typical event marketing services: we’re personally invested in MediFuture 2023’s success as a Tampa Bay business, as Tampa Bay residents and as consumers of healthcare.