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If you missed the last post I published on LinkedIn Create a One-Click Guest Pass Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards, be sure to check it out! In it, I cover how you can use this FREE Twitter resource to garner leads directly from Twitter, requiring just 1 user click!

Easy. Frictionless. Fun.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter Lead Generation Cards, check out: What are Lead Generation Cards.

And you can find step-by-step instructions on creating your first Twitter Lead Generation Card in Twitter’s Help Center.

My suggestion is to follow the instructions in the above link to upload your image, enter a brief description (“Try out Club XYZ with a complimentary pass!”), your call to action (“Get Guest Pass”), your privacy policy URL (get it from the footer of your website) and your Card details (Fallback) URL (the link to your online guest pass request form).


I thought you’d never ask! When you get to the optional “Data settings” section, that’s where the magic happens! Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll be in business!

1. Paste this link into the Submit URL:


2. Change HTTP Method to POST

3. Change the Custom Key Name of the three primary fields passed from Twitter to the variables expected by InTouch:

Name = firstName
Email = email
Screen name = lastName

4. Add three custom hidden data values (see below):

UUID = Your Club’s UUID
leadSourceType = Web Referral
leadSourceDetails = Twitter Card

*Not sure what your UUID is? Log into InTouch, click Admin, Club and it’s the second line down … a long string of letters and numbers.

Your screen should look like this (click to enlarge):

Twitter Card Data Settings

5. Click Save! That’s it!

Twitter will automatically send out a test. If all is in order, you should see a new lead with your Twitter Handle created in your Incoming Leads in InTouch!

InTouch Lead

Your brand new Twitter Lead Generation Card is now connected to InTouch Follow-Up so that any leads you capture via your new card will automatically be captured in InTouch and will be nurtured according to your automated follow-up process!

Give it a shot and tweet me @JoeTampa with a link to your new Twitter Card! Here’s one that we created for AussieFIT, one of our health club clients in Columbus, OH.

Twitter Card Example

In a future post, I’ll cover ways that you can actually promote your new Twitter Card.

A few final thoughts:

1. If you have multiple clubs and multiple UUIDs, you’ll need to create unique Twitter Cards for each location. A minor inconvenience, but not a show-stopper.

2. The above assumes that your Web Referral Email in InTouch Follow-Up is active and configured with your free pass so when a lead is added via the Twitter Card, the user gets an autoresponder with your guest pass. (Give me a call if you need some help getting this set up!).

3. When the prospect actually visits your club, your membership sales folks will need to update their first and last name in their lead record. Since Twitter passes the entire name as a single string, that will end up in the “first name” field in InTouch. And their Twitter Handle will end up in the “last name” field.

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