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It’s always been really important to me to make sure that everything we do as a company is authentic, honest and above all else beneficial to the people that we’re associated with, no matter the capacity.

That being said, I felt like it was pretty important to provide an explanation for why we’ve been so “quiet” over the last 9 months in terms of this blog, and our company social media profiles.

The simple answer is that there has be quite a bit of retooling happening behind the scenes – actually a lot.

I knew it was time to make some changes because we kept noticing that nearly every time people would ask us “what we do”, and we responded “marketing”, we were inevitably met with the puzzling question – “What do you market?”

To us, something that seemed so understood was in fact very, very misunderstood.  And considering what we do for a living, if we’re not delivering a clear message, then we’re not doing our job very well.

Let’s answer that question again.  What do we do?

We make your product or service irresistible to the consumer.

Now don’t get it twisted…if your product or service is no good, we won’t be able to make it irresistible to the consumer.  The great news about this is that experience has taught us when to avoid taking on those types of products or services, so we don’t take them on.

Here’s what we’ve been retooling so that we can continue to perfect our craft:

  • New offices in both Tampa and Fort Lauderdale in convenient locations for our clients
  • Some new talented team members that are bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the table
  • Several exciting new products that we’ll be releasing throughout the rest of 2014
  • Our client base has been retooled to more accurately reflect our focuses and the areas where we know we’re strongest in making our clients’ product or service irresistible to the consumer

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to provide exceptional services to our clients. We’ve still got the same ridiculous almost obsessive focus on quality and results.  And we’re still the same fun people who aren’t afraid to laugh at ourselves.

This has been and still is a huge learning experience, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Jump in with us, we promise it will be a fun ride.



We’ve all been there. You hear the rumors, you notice the whispers, maybe you’ll even participate in the gossip. But, when it’s about you, how do you respond?

We all want to defend our reputation. We are proud, we care, and we want everyone else to love us too. So, what do you do when this reputation is about your restaurant? When you notice that negative review (that is bound to pop up) on the various review sites that everyone participates in?

After you are done staring at the screen and willing the review to disappear, without success, it’s time to address it. Your handle on your business’s online reputation is key. Here I want to give you some advice for responding to reviews as a restaurant owner:

1. Stay calm and carry on – A common saying and for good reason. Especially as a restaurant, you will receive a bad review on Yelp, UrbanSpoon, etc, and the quicker you realize the inevitability of this, the better off you’ll be. We want everyone to love us, but all five-star reviews for one place is questionable to your audience. After all, nothing and nobody is perfect, right? Having a negative review isn’t the end of your world and in fact, should be viewed as the potential to turn that customer’s experience into a positive one on their next visit (that you should invite them to, see below), or learn from what the guest has to say.

2. Respond in a timely manner – The sooner that you acknowledge and respond to a review, the greater chance you have of making an impact on that reviewer. Besides the impact you make on the one who wrote the review, you’ll also show others who visit the review site that you are an owner who cares about reading the reviews and trying to make things right, if applicable.

3. Always give thanks – Whether positive or negative, it’s important to show your guests the value you place on their feedback.

4. Be personal – It’s easy to reply to all reviews by copying and pasting a standard response, but why not up the ante a little bit? Guests want to feel like whatever they say is appreciated and heard. If it is, you should show it. A simple, “I’m glad you enjoyed your burger!” will suffice and show that you actually read the individual’s review and want to start that interaction.

5. Make it right – Inviting in a guest who left a negative review for a meal on the house is a great chance to not only show your dedication to your customers’ experiences, but to gain a fan for life. More often than not, those guests who leave a negative review will be more than happy to try your restaurant out again and give you another, fair chance…and then write a positive review about the great time you are sure to show them! If the chance to make it right is not granted by the reviewer, respect their decision.

Here at Exakt Marketing, we are committed to assisting our clients with understanding the importance of reputation management and it’s a successful part of our marketing services.

Have you been managing your online reputation? What has been the result?

According to the Retail Email blog, this year the week before Christmas was the busiest week ever for promotional emails. Online retailers sent out an all-time high of around 6 promotional emails over the week of December 17th, which is up 4% versus the previous week and up 16% over the whole year.

What this means is given the volume of emails sent out not only during the holiday season, but throughout the whole year, getting your subscribers to open your e-newsletter can be a tough task. And since most companies are always looking for cost-effective ways to promote their products and services, e-mail marketing continues to be one of the most popular online marketing methods available.

So while you can’t guarantee your audience will open and read your e-newsletter, there are some tips and tricks to designing an effective e-newsletter campaign.

1)   Ask your subscribers to add you to their white list: What this means is they will add your email address to their address book. This will ensure that your newsletters are not delivered to a junk mail folder.

2)   Be consistent: If you can send your emails on the same day and time each week, your subscribers will learn when to expect and anticipate your emails. Most email programs (i.e. MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response) allow you to set up a delivery date/time so you can write your e-mail blast in advance, but send it at the same day/same time each week.

3)   Pick the right subject line: Your subject line should preview the contents of the email by summarizing the main point of your email’s message, while not being too sales driven or spam-ish. Avoid writing your subject lines in all caps. Tell your customers in 50 characters or less why they would want to read your message and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box in order to pique your subscribers curiosity (but make sure you’re not so “out there” that you turn them off!) Try out different subjects lines in each newsletter and review your email statistics (through your e-newsletter program) to know what resonates best with your audience.

4)   Keep your newsletter short and sweet: If your ultimate goal is to direct subscribers to your website, short snippets of text with “read more” links back to your site is a good idea. Longer email newsletters are usually filed away and read later (or not read at all).

5)   Convey valuable knowledge and a hint of personalization: Showing your users you’re human, is a great way to connect with your audience. If you can relate anything that you’re doing personally, to the message that you’re sending your audience, include a snippet in the newsletter. Users like to connect with a personal side of your company, not just a sales pitch.

6)   Construct the right footer elements: Your footer should not only abide by CAN SPAM laws, but it should also have a way for your users to opt out of your e-newsletter list if they wish to. This will help ensure your newsletter is reputable.

Have any additional tips and tricks that you’d like to share? What has your company done that has increased your subscription base? We’d love to hear from you!

It’s no secret that the world around us is constantly changing. Some companies, like Apple and Google, are at the forefront, driving change and innovation, while others are happy to sit just behind the “bleeding edge” and jump on board once some of the early adopter risk has vanished. Still others, failing to change and to “keep up” become completely obsolete almost overnight (anyone remember Hollywood Video?).

Among many other factors we considered, the premise above is one of the main reasons that Visual Alliance Media, Moonstruck Marketing Group and Good Dog/Bad Dog Creative Design decided to ink the deal that would create Exakt Marketing. Speaking for Visual Alliance Media, which specialized in social media marketing, it became clear to us some years ago that we were riding a wave that would eventually dissipate somewhat as the idea of “social” became more and more integrated into marketing, PR, advertising and customer service as a whole. Often times, I’ve likened the development of “social media marketing” to the mad dash created by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prompted building owners to retrofit their facilities to meet the requirements of the new legislation. Architects that specialized in “ADA Compliance” popped up everywhere to meet the demand. Over time as the retrofitting was completed, the specialists went away and now, ADA Compliance is just the way buildings are designed in the normal course of business.

And so it was true with companies as they rushed to incorporate “social media” as part of their operations, retrofitting their strategy, if you will, over the last five years or so. Firms like Visual Alliance Media grew out of the requirement of companies large and small needing to incorporate some form of social media marketing into their platforms. But as time goes on, we’ll continue to see “social media marketing” as just another component of “marketing” … and firms like Visual Alliance will either diversify, go out of business, or scale back to become niche players. So for Derek and me, when the opportunity to diversify our services, broaden our market sectors, grow our client base and bolster our creative abilities by merging with two other reputable Tampa marketing agencies came along, we were there!

That’s not the only reason, however. As our new partners from Moonstruck Marketing Group, a brand communications consulting and visual design firm, and Good Dog/Bad Dog Creative Designs, a firm specializing in website design and website development, will attest, all three legacy firms were very proud of our ability to foster and maintain longstanding relationships with our clients. And knowing that our clients benefit most when they have a cohesive marketing strategy as it relates to their brand, being able to offer a broad base of services with our in-house team made perfect sense.

As the press release and several articles that have been written about Exakt Marketing since have noted, our new company will continue to work with clients from many different market sectors, but we’ll put particular focus on restaurants and hospitality, health, wellness and fitness and meeting and conference planning. Exciting times are ahead as we move into 2013 … assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21st … fingers crossed!