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Emily Sarecky - Exakt Marketing Team Member

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start a series on our Exakt Marketing blog. Every week you can expect a blog post from me, Emily Sarecky, providing tips, tricks, challenges and experiences that I’ve encountered during my journey from Intern to Client Services Manager.

The experience that I’ve gained by working from the ground up at a Tampa marketing company is unmatched. I want to share what I’ve learned with people out there still looking for the right career path, and hopefully inspire some future ass-kickers. 🙂

Stay tuned for my first entry!


“Trust not what inspires other members of society to choose a career. Trust what inspires you.” – The Lazy Person’s Guide to Success

As the popularity of social media continues to skyrocket in 2013, more and more companies are joining in. If you are the owner of a company, a social media presence can be a great opportunity for you to get in touch with customers. Being on social media sites means much more than simply having a page. During my time as a Social Media Marketing Intern at Exakt Marketing, I have learned crucial strategies we use so our clients can harvest the benefits of social media while avoiding social media flops. Here are three strategies that Exakt uses to make our clients’ social media presence blossom:

1.      Stay True to You: Every brand, like an individual, is unique with its own personality and tone. This is reflected in a brand’s audience. Something that customers of one company get excited about could seem dull to another company’s audience. We take a strong look at each client’s followers, determine who we are talking to and figure out what would interest them. It is important in social media to be authentic when managing a brand’s personality. For some clients it is appropriate to make jokes or talk about pop culture while others can be more professional. No matter who the client is, knowing who their audience is and what will draw their attention is a must.

2.      Make Conversation: Social media is a different experience than traditional media like television or radio because it is inherently interactive. This is why many people enjoy social media; they know that they can avoid advertisements. In order to not seem pushy, we make sure to use a conversational approach with our clients’ customers. We are able to engage customers by providing them with information as well as responding to comments and posts. Making conversation with customers illustrates that the brand is likeable and approachable.

3.      Keep It Interesting: If what you posting isn’t interesting, it will get lost in your audience’s news feed. In a worst-case scenario, people who at one time chose to follow your posts would “un-like” and move on. One of the first things I learned at Exakt was to put my posts through a ‘why would I care?’ test before sending them to the Internet. While our clients are on social media to promote their brand, we recognize that it is important not to bombard your audience with ad-like posts. If I know a certain audience is interested in television or music, I can catch their attention through common interests and engage them rather than commanding them to buy a product.

Think your company’s social media could use some revamping? Contact Exakt Marketing and find out exactly what we can do for you!

Creative, detail-oriented, college student, dog lover, team player. Are these adjectives that start to describe you? If so, I would love to speak with you about two internship opportunities at Exakt Marketing: Graphic Design Intern and Website Design Intern.

At Exakt, we pride ourselves in offering creative internships that engage students in the interworkings of a full-service marketing agency and provide them with opportunities to work as a part of the Exakt Marketing team on “real” client assignments.  No copies or coffee runs here – but you may be required to share your chair with our cuddly office dog Jayden (the hardest worker on the team, by far)! 🙂

As you can imagine, there are always new design techniques to be learned, or WordPress plug-ins to be discovered so, we are seeking innovative, self-motivated individuals who aren’t scared to grow and build their portfolios.

We’re currently looking for students to fill the stated internship positions for the spring, summer and fall semesters. For information on how to apply, please view the Graphic Design Internship or the Website Design Internship on internships.com.

Do you have a passion for marketing?  Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in social media? If you’re a student looking for an internship this spring and said yes to all of the above, I would personally love to speak with you about a social media marketing internship at Exakt Marketing!

At Exakt, we pride ourselves in offering a social media internship that not only gives students a hands-on experience, but a true stepping stone to the realm of social Brainstorming at Exakt Marketingmedia marketing. As an intern at Exakt, you will not be responsible for fetching coffee and making copies. You’ll be responsible for using your creative mind to help make an impact for our clients.  Whether it’s a team-brainstorming meeting (featured in the picture to the right) or doing some extensive Twitter research – the opportunities to learn at Exakt are endless.

As you are probably aware, social media is always changing and moving in different directions – so, we are looking for innovative, self-motivated individuals who aren’t scared of a little change.

If you’re interested, please email me at Emily@exaktmarketing.com with your resume and two writing samples (doesn’t have to be formal, a personal blog or cover letter would be perfect).