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Brazil can teach us a thing or two about being singularly focused!

Brazil’s loss at the World Cup 2014 teaches us many valuable lessons … not the least of which is to be sure we’re not singularly focused when it comes to, well … anything!

Because the five-time winner of the World Cup hadn’t experienced a home defeat in over 39 years, they lost focus on tactics, their ability to adjust their strategy to compensate for the loss of key players and emotional preparation.

They were singularly focused on their track record vs. what needed to be done to claim another victory, and we see how that ended. Congrats Germany, by the way!

That very same concept applies to health club marketing. Focus your marketing efforts solely on new member sales and at best, you’ll be missing opportunities; at worst, it will be your demise! To be effective, your marketing needs to encompass at least three other key focus areas including member retention, personal training (including private and semi-private/small group) and other products and services!

The real impact comes from leveraging the right tools with the right message with the right audience: Online vs., offline. Informational vs., sales-focused. One-time vs., regular. You get the idea!

Compare your marketing approach with our “Health Club Marketing” infographic to see if you’re missing anything critical!

Health Club Marketing Infographic - Fitness Marketing - Exakt Marketing

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