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As fitness marketing professionals we stay in tune with social fitness trends. There are some social media fitness trends that you should familiarize yourself with in order to achieve an online presence that fosters unique experiences.

  1. Prompt questions that members may have — and answer them! Some may call this “Q & A” but if you come up with a creative way to introduce questions they won’t get mulled over. Post just one question per status or tweet in order to get a true, organic conversation going. It wouldn’t hurt to get involved in a TweetChat about fitness either: check out FitFluential on Twitter.
    Where This is Important: Facebook + Twitter.
  2. Customize the material you post. Recycling generally rocks but don’t snatch up other’s health + fitness material and reuse them with the simple copy and paste. This is especially true when dealing with photos. Don’t use a photo if you do not have the rights to it (with the exception of ‘sharing’ or retweeting).
    Where This is Important:
     Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  3. Organically stay on top of fitness trends or movements, i.e: Paleo diet, themed races, Warrior Dash, CrossFit, etc. Do your own research on what is up and coming and create a way for your members to get involved or at the very least, talk to them about the trend.
    Where This is Important:
  4. To supplement #3, you should quietly and carefully observe your competitors. If it happens to be that they are ahead of the game with social fitness trends, it’s better to know than not.
    Where This is Important:
  5. Listen, yes really listen, to what your members are saying on social media. Companies listening and responding via social media is a trend in itself and you don’t want to lose members because you’re not doing that. Questions, comments, and concerns on social media can and should be addressed in real time.
    Where This is Important:
  6. Photos have been hot for a while, but short videos are also inspiring. Take the time to do a photo shoot or video shoot with one of your trainers doing a particular exercise, a trainer leading a group fitness class, or all of your trainers talking “fitness.” Utilize your ability as a fitness center owner or manager to access free marketing.
    Where This is Important:
     Facebook, Instagram, Vine (if you haven’t yet, check it out)

If you have any questions about the social media fitness trends that we’ve picked up on and how to apply them to your online presence, please feel free to reach out via TwitterFacebook, or call me directly!

Pay attention to what your members are saying.  That’s it.

No really.  That’s it.  Pay attention.  Sometimes simple is just better, so I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail.

But I can assure you that in our experience of providing fitness center marketing services and health club marketing services, we have witnessed member retention rates improve. And as a result, recurring dues increase by simply paying attention to what our clients’ members are saying and developing ways to address their feedback if nothing else.

Online reputation management allows us to also monitor the feedback from members of our clients’ competitors in close proximity.  Think about it, if you already have a roadmap of what members want or are complaining about, then you have the prescription to improve your member retention – because they’re happy.

The opportunities are out there.  It’s up to you to seize them.