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Social Media News and Updates

The social media train is nowhere near slowing, it is rapidly covering more ground and becoming smarter. Already, 2013 is providing updates and positive changes in your Facebook world and Twittersphere.

On Tuesday, January 15,  Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg announced the new feature, Graph Search. This new feature may not be immediately available to you, as only a small fraction of Facebook’s billion users will see it. The feature is taking the slow-roll path as most of their changes tend to do. Reminisce back to the time when everyone on your feed was complaining about the new layout, or cover photo. This new feature doesn’t seem to be posing any aesthetic problems, so there’s no need to be alarmed.

Graph Search Breakdown:

  • It’s a search tool
  • It is limited to your connections
  • It is designed to replicate the way you speak
  • As of now, it is limited to photos, interests, likes, people, and places (so, status updates are not included)


  • “Photos of my friends in Hong Kong”, “Music my friends like”, “Photos of my friends in 1993”, “Friends who live in my city”, and can even become as creative as “Movies liked by friends who like Coldplay and live in Seattle.”

Facebook seems to have diminished any privacy issues because you can only find what your friends have chosen to share. So, start going through your interests and likes if you’re not ready to share that information with your Facebook connections. Though, you already have been sharing, just in a less-searchable way.

Meanwhile, in the Twittersphere, look at the new update at work!

Yes, Twitter did previously notify you when you were exceeding your 140 character limit; it presented the “-5” as seen to the right. But now.. your lingering tweet is highlighted in red to let you know in a more obvious way that you are beyond capacity.

Along with that, if you’re about to tweet at someone or provide a link to your awesome blog, your link will appear blue as you’re typing. The benefit with these updates is that you will know that your link is going to work, you won’t ramble on excessively about the galaxy, and that Twitter is adjusting to make things easier for its users.

So what do you think about these updates? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section, on Facebook, and/or Twitter!