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Seeking a Social Media Marketing Intern – Spring 2013

Do you have a passion for marketing?  Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in social media? If you’re a student looking for an internship this spring and said yes to all of the above, I would personally love to speak with you about a social media marketing internship at Exakt Marketing!

At Exakt, we pride ourselves in offering a social media internship that not only gives students a hands-on experience, but a true stepping stone to the realm of social Brainstorming at Exakt Marketingmedia marketing. As an intern at Exakt, you will not be responsible for fetching coffee and making copies. You’ll be responsible for using your creative mind to help make an impact for our clients.  Whether it’s a team-brainstorming meeting (featured in the picture to the right) or doing some extensive Twitter research – the opportunities to learn at Exakt are endless.

As you are probably aware, social media is always changing and moving in different directions – so, we are looking for innovative, self-motivated individuals who aren’t scared of a little change.

If you’re interested, please email me at Emily@exaktmarketing.com with your resume and two writing samples (doesn’t have to be formal, a personal blog or cover letter would be perfect).