Restaurant Marketing: Check Presentation

Lately, I’ve been focusing on the experience that customers have when at restaurants (stay tuned for some exciting news about that!) and when I saw a photo that a friend uploaded on Instagram, I was inspired!Check Presentation

The photo (featured to the right, thanks Xavier!) was taken at Founding Farmers, a restaurant in Washington, DC. The photo had a caption that read, “The check is in the mail! Please raise the flag when you’re ready.” How fun is that?

At Exakt, we’re always on a quest to find interesting and unique ideas for our Tampa restaurant marketing clients. When I saw this photo, it was like a light bulb went off and I thought back to a couple of unique check presentations that I’ve recently encountered. Hamburger Mary’s gives you the check in a stiletto; Oxford Exchange presents the check in an antique book. All small details that can improve the experiences that their customers have!  And hey, it probably numbs the sting a bit when a check is delivered in a unique fashion. Not so much focus on what the check says but more about how the check was delivered… 😉

So, restaurant owners, I ask you this…does your restaurant create a unique experience for your diners? If so, does that experience end abruptly with the check presentation? Think about it! Although a small detail, it’s something that your customers will remember and appreciate.

And for the diners out there, I’m eager to hear if anyone else has been to a restaurant with a unique check presentation! Please let me know either in the comments below or on Twitter!


P.S I’ll be the guest of #MediaChat this week on Twitter and we’ll be discussing the customer experience! Thursday night at 10pm, hope you can join!