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Being passionate about marketing, restaurants, food and well … eating … I always enjoy talking with restaurant owners about just those topics and more. And on my most recent business development trip to build Exakt Marketing’s Fort Lauderdale marketing services, one conversation in particular stood out for me.

The conversation took place during late May as we were heading in to the off-season. (Florida residents know that June 1st marks the start of a routine that involves sprinting to and from your car as quickly as possible to get into your home or office, i.e., moving quickly from one air conditioned space to another!). As I always do during those conversations, I asked something like “what’s the biggest challenge that you’re currently facing.” And before he could respond, it was as if a lightbulb had gone off in my head and we almost answered in unison: “the slow season!

Fast forward just two weeks from that meeting and I was lucky enough to cross paths with Kyle Battis of Restaurant and Bar Profits, based in New Hampshire. When we connected, Kyle told me about his podcast series and asked if I would be interested in being a guest for an upcoming podcast.

On the heels of my recent conversation regarding the challenge of the off-season that restaurant owners in Florida are facing right now, I graciously accepted the invitation and suggested the topic. Kyle agreed, knowing that at the end of the summer restaurants in the Northeast would be heading into their off-season. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Definitely check out the original post: Episode 5 – The One With Derek Lee About “Surviving The Offseason In The Restaurant Business”. Big shout-out to Kyle for the great work he’s doing at Restaurant and Bar Profits, helping restaurant and bar owners get more profit and enjoyment out of their businesses.

We’ve got more timely information on this topic coming your way. Stay tuned for our latest guide “Restaurant Marketing: 50 Tips for Surviving the Off-Season” by Joe Imbrogno, due to hit inboxes and mailboxes in the next week.

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