Graphic Design Trends For 2013

Did you know that the average person spends about 10 second on a webpage? With that said, your message should be communicated instantaneously, making an impact as soon as the page is viewed. Graphic design trends for 2013 are going to be bold, flashy, and designed to capture your audiences attention. Textual content, vibrant colors, and mobile marketing are big trends being used by graphic designers this year. Here’s a look into the future at the hottest trends that will be popular in 2013.


Pantone, who unveiled its Fashion Color Report for spring 2013, has forecasted some bright colors come 2013. Intense colors and shades of Emerald, Jade, and African violet are being used instead of neutral basic colors. Contrasting hues that captivate interest are a must in 2013. Playing with large blocks of color is a trend popping up in ads all over the place.


Carrying over from 2012, large printed text and a variety of font styles that grab a viewer’s attention will be the 2013 trend. Vintage and retro letterpress looks will also be pretty popular this year. Information presented in a visual medium not only looks great but also helps to effectively deliver your message. The trend of including informative graphics to present information in websites will be kicked into high gear in 2013.

Minimalist Designs with Vintage Accents

Minimalism is nothing new to graphic design. Simple graphics paired with striking composition always produces appealing results. Minimalist design has been very popular for the past couple of years. The key to a beautiful minimalist design is a solid and structured layout, as well as focus on stylish and well-designed typography.

Photos and Backgrounds

Since images are being viewed on small screens and touch-screen mobile devices, over-sized photos and bold backgrounds are used. In the past, the use of oversize buttons was less desirable and only used for aesthetic purposes. But in 2013, big and easy-to-tap buttons that save frustration and make identification much easier are definitely going to be a big trend. Images should have a high resolution and logos are increased in size for instant brand recognition.

So as we say goodbye to 2012 let’s get geared up for 2013 and start trending!