Fall 2013 Social Media Marketing Intern

Exakt Marketing is happy to announce that one of our social media marketing internship opportunities has been taken on by fall 2013 intern, Cami! Only a week in, Cami has shown promising characteristics that will make her a great part of our marketing team. Without further adieu, meet Cami!

Name: Cami Nezam2a921e3
Major: Advertising and Public Relations
School: The University of Tampa
Hometown: North Potomac, MD
Favorite color: Turquoise

Why did you choose to intern at Exakt Marketing? I chose to intern at Exakt Marketing because while searching on the Web for companies in the Tampa area, Exakt caught my attention because I was familiar with some of the clients they work with. I wanted to find a Tampa marketing company that would give me the hands-on experience I need before entering the real world and I thought Exakt would be the perfect fit for me!

What are your goals for your Social Media Marketing Internship? I am eager to truly immerse myself in the field of marketing by helping design and implement marketing strategies for various clients. I want to utilize my skills knowledge and further expand on that knowledge throughout my internship.

If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which restaurant would you choose? If you were to ask my family and friends this question about me, you would most likely get the same answer from everyone. I choose…CHIPOTLE! I am a huge Chipotle fan and have never had a bad experience eating there. The food is so fresh and I can’t resist the chicken Burrito Bowls!

What is your favorite social media network and why? I have to say my new favorite is Instagram. While I was abroad in Italy this past summer, Instagram was my outlet to share photos with my loved ones, which allowed them to visualize my journey along the way! I like how it allows me to be creative in the way I take photos and also allow me to connect to others’ creativity!

From a professional perspective, what famous person do you admire and why? I admire Giuliana Rancic because of her personal story that got her to be an important face on television. She has gone through many struggles along the way and it is admiring how she never gave up on what she wanted. I find her to be very influential!

Welcome to the team, Cami!