Q&A with an Exakt Marketing 2013 Fall Intern

Exakt Marketing is honored to have worked with some very talented students through our internship programs (see Tampa Marketing Internship Success Story: Sam Rosenbaum) and this semester is no exception. We’re very excited to have Daphne Charlot join #TeamExakt as our Fall 2013 Graphic Design Intern. Here’s a little bit about Daphne!


Name: Daphne Charlot
Major: Graphic Design
School: Art Institute of Tampa
Hometown: Born in Queens, NY. Grew up in Lake Mary, FL

Why did you choose to intern at Exakt Marketing? When I was searching for an internship I stumbled upon Exakt Marketing. I was drawn in by the types of clients they work with and knew that Exakt would be the marketing company to really prepare me for where I want my career to go.

What are your goals for your Graphic Design Internship? During my internship I hope to learn what it is like working with real clients, and on real projects. I plan on being a sponge, soaking up all the information I can in my time with this company. I hope to expand my knowledge and strengthen my skills as a graphic designer.

What’s one thing we would never know about you? If I was not a graphic designer I probably would have been a photographer, or a baker. I used to always have a camera on me wherever I went. I love capturing a special moment in time that I can always have to remember. I also love baking. I don’t do it as much I would like but I enjoy making something delicious and giving it out to friends and family. It makes me happy to give them that little bit of happiness in a bite.

What’s your dream job? My dream job would be at a company where I could collaborate with creative and interesting people. I would be able to work in different aspects of the graphic design industry, not just one. I would love to travel as well, working with companies and business outside the state or even country would be really interesting. My job would push me to give nothing but my best and challenge me to go beyond it.

If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which restaurant would you choose? I could probably eat Chick-fil-A everyday for the rest of my life, except for two reasons. One, it would make me fat and two, it’s closed on Sundays – so I would go to Chipotle instead.


Please join us in welcoming Daphne to our Tampa marketing team!