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example of responsive website design on range of devicesAs we predicted in our past blog post, Website Design Predictions for 2013 Trends, responsive website design is quickly becoming an important trend in website design and development. Responsive design refers to the way a website visually appears and functions across a range of devices. Desktop and laptop computers are no longer the only screens on which we can connect to the internet. Mobile phones and tablets are becoming more popular in people’s homes and businesses. Does your business have a responsive website?

At Exakt Marketing, we are now including in our focus of website design and development, responsive functionality. WordPress is a content management system that we use frequently to build websites for our clients because it gives them access to edit their website freely. Responsive design is trending in the WordPress community as well. is a great resource for beautiful and full functioning WordPress themes. While recently scanning the multitude of themes available, I began to notice that nearly all the new themes are built to be responsive.

However, themes are not the only aspect of a website that need to be responsive. WordPress plugins need to be mobile friendly as well. Unfortunately, most plugin authors do not seem to note (yet) whether or not their plugin designs are responsive or mobile friendly. This means, you must be careful about what plugins you have activated on your site and you must test your site across multiple devices to ensure that everything is appearing and working correctly.

I personally experienced a mobile plugin mishap while working on, a product of Exakt Marketing that provides restaurants with quick and affordable websites using WordPress. Within the site, I had some content set up in tabs and accordions using the WP UI – Tabs, Accordions, Sliders Plugin. I liked this plugin because it has a variety of colors and styles to apply to your tabs and accordions. However, when testing my site on the mobile device, the tabs and accordions were NOT visible! Luckily, I found TheThe Tabs and Accordions by TheTheFly. Not only did these tabs and accordions function correctly, they appeared and functioned on the mobile device too!

So, my word of advice, constantly check your site on mobile and other devices throughout the development of the site. Don’t panic when you run into a snag. Contact Exakt Marketing if you are interested in finding out more about responsive website design and WordPress.