Benefits of WordPress

If you are considering starting a new website or redesigning a current website for your business, you may want to think about one of the most common complaints: updating or making changes to the website. Typically, websites are written in HTML/CSS coding which is essentially a different language and unless you have coding experience, it can be overwhelming to even look at. This means every time you need to make a change to your website, you will need to contact your webmaster and rely on them to make the changes for you. This can be tedious, may not happen as quickly as you would like and, if you have many changes and updates, can get expensive! What’s a good solution? WordPress! Not sure what that is, continue reading to find out:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free content management system used to create websites.

What does that mean?

The WordPress platforms gives a user (that’s you) the ability to login to a backend interface and manage the content on their website. Because of this, WordPress is a great solution for our clients that need access to their website files to be able to make updates and edits without ever touching (or seeing) any HTML code. The page and post editor is similar to Microsoft Office’s Word platform, allowing the user to utilize simple editing buttons to make changes to their content.

What are other benefits of WordPress?

1. WordPress is continuously updated, this means you will continue to receive improved features and securities to prevent hackers.

2. WordPress is built to be customizable and most WordPress themes now have a responsive design, making your site mobile and tablet friendly.

3. WordPress allows for easy implementation of SEO, getting the word out to search engines and bringing people to your site.

4. WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform and therefore comes fully integrated with a blog. This means you can easily add new content to your site (improving your SEO rankings). Learn about other benefits of blogging in this article by our team member Emily.

5. Integrate your social media platforms easily and in a variety of ways. From Facebook and Twitter feeds to LinkedIn badges, there are countless plugins to choose from. Read about how Exakt Marketing uses social media to build a brand.

6. With WordPress there is no limit on content so your website can grow as your business grows.

7. Set up multiple users to allow others to access your site. With defined and limiting access roles, you can assign who has access to what parts of your site and what they can do. This can come in handy if, for example, you have multiple team members who will be blogging, you can allow them access to the blog but not to the administrative settings of the site.

8. Extend the functionality of your site with plugins: millions of plugins exist covering a variety of topics and features and new ones are being created every day. With WordPress plugins, the possibilities are endless.

*BONUS TIP: For security purposes, make updates when they become available, but only AFTER making a full backup of your site. And change your password every few months, but be sure to use STRONG passwords.

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