Our Story

The “ex” Factor

You know what they say: You’ve either got it, or you don’t. It’s the ‘X’ factor. Or, as we like to call it: the ex factor. It’s that certain something that makes people different – and it applies to companies, too. They’re exciting, exceptional, even extraordinary, and that’s us … exaktly.

Quick explanation: You probably think we spell our name incorrectly – “exakt,” instead of “exact.” To that, we say: Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Yeah, we don’t either. But, it turns out that our original idea for our name – Spot On – was so darn popular that there were already a few companies out there using it. Not being ones to give up on an idea that we love, we turned to other languages for inspiration. That’s when we found the word “exakt.” It means “spot on” in German, and it was exaktly right for us.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get back with our exes. (Hmmm, can’t say we’ve ever said that before.)

Exakt is exceptional, and so is our work. Our focus is on restaurants and hospitality, health and fitness and events and conferences. We believe that with every interaction, there is an opportunity to create a unique experience. That’s how we’ve come to work with everyone from our neighbors down the road to the big guys and gals on Wall Street.

Exakt is exciting, and so is our team. We joined three companies into one when we formed Exakt Marketing, which means you’re getting a merger of creative business minds. And, though these minds don’t always think alike (who wants that anyway?!), they do share a common thought day in and day out: helping you and your business.

Exakt is extraordinary, and so is the way we operate. The creative process is a journey, for you and for us. From the exploration of ideas to the inspiration of concepts to the evolution of solutions, we’re with you on every step of that journey.

We’re certain your business has its own ex factor, too. Let us help you find out exaktly what it is.

Exakt would like to give an extra special thank you to our friends at Krista Sparkman Photography, who provided the photos for our website – which wouldn’t be quite as ex-citing without them!