A New Facebook Layout: Secure Your Business’ Success

A new Facebook layout is in town and this time, photos rule everything. With social media, it seems to be that all we care about is the image rather than what we have to read. Considering Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram, we can’t say we’re shocked about its latest update being very photo-centric either.

Go ahead and Google “first Facebook layout” and enjoy that nostalgia for a minute.

Think back to those tabs at the top, those little info or disclaimer boxes underneath your picture, or how they listed each individual that you became friends with. That’s just far too much text for us now in 2013.

Now, even as a “friend”, you’re going to have to stay on top of your photo game if you don’t want to get lost in the news feeds. But what about as a business owner managing the Facebook page as a component of using social media to build your brand? The “rules” will apply to you too.

Get yourself a camera or smartphone to upload pictures so your business can stay on the radar. And if you follow our advice below, you should be on the right track.

  1. Serve food and/or cocktails? Customers are going to want to see what you can bring to the table—pun intended.
    *Investing time in posting photos or providing your marketing agency with photos is going to pay off. With the new layout, photos that people and businesses post are the central focus.
  2. Connect with your customers by posting to grab emotions rather than money.
    *Just because you have a special going on, doesn’t mean people care or would come in because they saw your status.
  3. It’s important to appeal to your customer’s pleasure factor.
    * Energy and good vibes can be transmitted through social media with the use of photos paired with humor, quotes, or a relatable emotion for that day.
  4. Yes, you absolutely want to post specials. But just posting your specials as a text-based status will get lost.
    *Focus on the most desirable special and pair it with a photo of a group of people who frequent your business, a bartender, or the staff.
  5. Photos on Facebook add to the personality of the business. New and current customers want to be able to know the business and recognize a face or two when they come in.
    *We bet you know that posting pictures of your animals is always great too (check out this great pic of Jayden and Emily on Exakt Marketing’s Facebook page).

Even if you don’t want to welcome this transition, it will move forward with or without you. Trust us when we tell you that pictures will sell. And awesome pictures will sell even more than that. Stay relevant and present with these social media changes so that your business doesn’t suffer.

For more information on leveraging social media for your business, contact Tampa marketing agency Exakt Marketing.