5 Reasons Your Yelp Reviews Got Filtered

Okay – I know, it’s frustrating when Yelp filters your good reviews. But trust me, as the Client Services Manager at a Tampa Marketing Company, I’ve spent some time researching this and it’s probably never going to change. Yelp is proud of their online review filtering system. So, after you’re done cursing the trolls at Yelp for that dang filter, the next logical step is to understand how their filtering system works. Here are five reasons why your reviews might be getting filtered and tips to avoid it!

1. Yelp knows where you are! If Yelp reviews are coming in from the same IP address or location as the business, their filtering system screams “IMPOSTER!” and the review gets thrown in the filter bin.

Tip: If part of your online reputation management strategy is to proactively ask customers who have had a great experience to leave a review for you on Yelp, you may want to add “when you get home.” If they use your internet or leave a review on their laptop at your location, it’s going to get filtered!

2. Has that Yelper ever Yelped before? Not saying that Yelp doesn’t encourage new members, but if the new Yelper doesn’t have any credibility associated with his/her account – the chances of getting filtered are higher!

Tip: Before you ask for a Yelp review, ask if they like to use Yelp. If they say no, don’t ask for a review. Filter your customers before Yelp’s filter can!

3. Does the Yelper have a profile image? Yelp won’t believe your review unless they know there is a real-life person behind the scenes! But I wonder if they have a Catfish filter yet… lol!

Tip: Again, ask if they are a Yelper. If they say yes, they probably have a profile image.

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4. Is the review short? Believe it or not, Yelp will filter a review if it’s too short. I’m guessing it’s because they want quality reviews – not someone saying “I don’t like it” and that’s it.

Tip: Make sure you’ve created a great experience for your customer! Guarantee if you make it memorable, they will have more to say than just “it was cool.”

5. Too positive, too negative. Okay, so the Yelper has yelped before, they have a profile image and their review isn’t too short – what’s the beef? If a certain Yelper’s reviews are always really good or really bad, no in between, they might get filtered. My assumption here is that Yelp WANTS those average reviews because sometimes they are the most truthful and have the most influence.

Tip: Don’t only ask customers for a Yelp review who have already expressed what an amazing experience they’ve had. If a certain business has nothing but amazing reviews, it can make other Yelpers skeptical. I’m not saying encourage negative reviews by any means!!! I’m just saying don’t neglect those customers who haven’t already praised you.

In case you still need more convincing that the filter wasn’t created to make your life miserable ;), I’m attaching a video below that the folks at Yelp created. I’d love to hear any other tips or experiences that you’ve had with the filter!

The thought I’ll leave you with this time is… embrace the filter! Yelp has no plans on changing it, no matter how many angry mobs they have to face. So, complain if you must but don’t ignore it!

Until next time, Ciao!


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